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April 25-29, 2011

Tuesday, 4/26 D day

turn in: Act III study guide to bb by 3:30 pm

bell ringer – archangel + i

journal: Ko’olau: what do you know about leprosy in Hawaii from the readings, etc.?

Explanation of  essay of classification (forms in bb – resources – writing) – go over deadlines, as well as deadline for sonnet final

Act III kuisa on bb

HW: Read, annotate Act IV, i-ii; work on study guide IV, Vocab. tree mal- in bb

Wednesday – same as Tuesday

Thursday 4/28 – D day

turn in vocab tree mal- to bb


weekend hw: read, annotate Act IV, iii-iv; Work on study guide

Friday – same as Thursday


April 25 – 29, 2011

Monday, 4/25 No school

Homework: Read Kaluaikoʻolau to the end of page 13

Tuesday, 4/26 D schedule

•Romeo and Juliet meet Kaluaikoʻolau and Piʻilani

•Act III kuisa

•Act III due in bb

Homework: Read, annotate Act IV, i-ii; Work on study guide IV; Vocab. tree mal in bb

Wednesday 4/27 C day see Tuesday

Thursday 4/28 D day

Vocab tree mal in bb; •Discussion, activity

Homework: Read/annotate Act IV, iii-iv, work on study guide

Friday 4/29 A day (see Thurs)

April 18-22, 2011

Monday, 4/18 A schedule

Turn in Act II study guide to bb

Bell ringer Malnutrition

Book check

Act II kuisa

Start reading Act III scene I in class: Benvolio, Mercutio, Tybalt, Romeo – tragedy/comedy

Homework: Read, annotate Act III i-ii, work on study guide III

Tuesday, April 19 B schedule

see Monday

Wednesday 4/20 Monday schedule

  • Entry pass
  • Bell ringer malodorous
  • Discussion
  • Performance festival practice

Homework: Read, annotate Act III, iii-iv; Work on study guide III; vocab tree bene to bb

Thursday  4/21 AM schedule

turn in: Vocab tree bene to bb by 3:30

Performance festival

Homework: Read, annotate Act III, v; Finish Act III study guide, put in bb

Friday 4/21 (Good Friday)

Homework: Catch up on reading!!!

Read Frazier’s translation of Kaluaikoʻolau to page 6

Monday 4/25

Homework: Read Kaluaikoʻolau to the end of page 13; Submit Act III to bb; Act III kuisa next class


April 11-15, 2011

April 11, Monday, C day

Turn in: Romeo Act I document to bb, Sonnet plus draft and peer review to pink basket

Agenda: bell ringer – benediction; Petrarchan v. Shakesperean sonnets, Laura v. Juliet; Act I kuisa; exit pass

Homework: Read and annotate Act II, scenes i-ii, Work on Romeo Act II study guide (on bb – assignments)

April 12, Tuesday D day

see Tuesday

April 13, Wednesday  early release (30 minute class)

Agenda bell ringer benevolent; “Full bodied Romeo” – physically understanding the oxymorons and confusions; discussion, confusions

Homework Read, annotate Act II, scene iii; Vocab tree pugn in bb; Work on Romeo study guide

April 14, Thursday A day

Turn in Vocab tree pugn into bb

Agenda: Balcony Scene Charades, exit pass

Homework: Read, annotate Act II, iv-v; Finish study guide II, submit to bb, Act II kuisa for next class.

April 15, B day Friday

see Thursday and homework for the weekend

Week of April 4-8, 2011

Homework for Monday (period 7) and Tuesday (period 8 )

• Prologue in sonnet form for another piece of literature read this year. (due Friday, 4/8)
•Read, annotate- Act I, scene 1
• Work on Romeo Act I doc.

Homework for Wed (period 7) and Thursday (period 8 )

•Read, annotate Act I scene 2 & 3

•Finish sonnet by Friday (draft 1)

•Work on Romeo Act I doc.

Friday homework:

• Read, annotate Act I, scene 4 & 5

•Complete Romeo Act I doc and submit to bb

Videos we’re viewing this week are on the wikispace.