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A’o Kumu Classes

a'o kumu


Kamehameha Schools distance learning is once again offering free online classes for educators. The courses are in order and have a culture-based education theme. You must take them in order which is why they run concurrently, from January 21 – May 9.

Level 1: Culture-based Online Curriculum for Educators

I completed this one. It gives you resources for culture units and asks you to incorporate three units into your curriculum (leadership, makahiki, ohana, etc.), gather student evidence and reflection, and create a portfolio. I borrowed Jerelyn’s social studies class and integrated three “units” into one social studies unit. Doable.

Level 2: 21st Century Technologies and CBE

Level 3: E-Learning for Educators

If you are interested, go to the following link and register by December 1:


Also, you earn B credits through KS, so if you go to MLP, the course is already written up for you. Just go to the District Calendar.


Block of Wood Moments



Ever felt like a block of wood. That’s what I am now. Just a block of wood. Not really sanded, cut, skimmed of the outer layer, but still unformed and mostly uninspired, unless being a block of wood is the end all be all.

Countdown – on the edge of December. April is my due date for the paper. I am doing my exit interviews and kind of freaking out because in the end, I am very undisciplined and a little casual as a researcher. This is now the time to say, if only, I should have. . .

If only I was more rigorous about putting all my scattered thoughts down and rereading them before I went into something like exit interviews. I would have known to ask if the continuity made a difference. I can still ask, but it’s a time waster because if IF I ONLY did it the first time, well then, it would be done.

I should have asked the same questions worded exactly the same way. Why didn’t I do that? I have no clue. So what I am left with is still the block of wood, when really, I would have wanted to be in the sanding stages, the aesthetic crafting of my paper, which is my ultimate favorite and not still in the collecting data stage.

Someday, I will bust out of the block of wood mode. Someday will need to be today.

PD Opportunity: SY14-15 Conference Possibilities


As we wind down to the last three weeks of the professional development budgeting cycle for next school year, here are some links to possible upcoming conferences. For the content-specific ones, I am trying to focus on the content areas that have not gone to a national conference in a while.

Schools of the Future – Honolulu – November 6 and 7, 2014 – this is the local ed tech/education conference bringing together both public and independent schools. Watch for the call for proposals at a later date.

HAMS – Hawaii Association of Middle Schools – November 2014 (?) – this is the local version of AMLE. I will get more information as I already have a few people that showed interest in presenting at this one.

AMLE 2014 – Nashville, TN – November 6-8, 2014 – Association of Middle Level Educators – the link above will actually take you to the call for proposals that came out this month. I’ve already talked to some people who should be presenting, so if you’re interested in presenting, the first deadline is February 3.

NCTE 2014 – Washington, DC – November 20-23, 2014 – English teachers this is your conference – with a focus on mostly secondary reading, writing, speaking, literacy. . .the link takes you to the call for proposals but more information will be on their site.

ASCD Conference – Houston, TX – March 21-23, 2015 – this is a conference for teachers on curriculum.

AAHPERD National Convention – April(?) 2015 – PE department – this is your conference. They don’t have anything set out yet, but this year it’s in St. Louis.

ISTE 2015 – Edtech mega conference – June 28-July 1, 2015, Philadelphia, PA

If you want to go to something, take something, enroll in something for next school year, please make an appointment with me ( before December 6.

Happy Thansgiving!!



Free Online Tech Webinars



What: Microsoft and ISTE are offering a series of free edtech online webinars for teachers like:

  • digital citizenship
  • blended learning
  • promoting 21st century skills

Why: Even if you can’t make the live session, your registration gives you access to the webinar for later viewing.


Online MEd with the University of South Carolina


What: a fully online Masters of Education degree designed for working teachers through the University of South Carolina. This M.Ed. is structured to fit the process for National Board Certification. In this program, you will be empowered to become a highly-effective teacher leader with broad educational leadership training.

Why: with multiple start dates, you start when you’re ready, willing and able.

start date

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Experience Our Conferences from Your Desktop

Kula Waena


This is our year of conferences! Just because you are not at the conference, take advantage of the mana’o from your colleagues by checking out our Kula Waena PD site. Participants will blog what they are learning each day, then they’ll try something in their classroom and present out.   Hover over the conference and the participant blogs will be linked to their names.

We will have or have had someone in Kula Waena at:

Schools of the Future – October

AMLE (Association of Middle Level Educators) – November

HLA (Hawaii Library Association) – November

Midwest Clinic (Band) – December

NCTM (National Council for Teachers of Mathematics) – April

NCOLCTL (National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages) – April

Kukulu Kaiaulu – June

ISTE 2014 – June-July

Don’t miss out!