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Technology Inspiration for the New Year

On this New Year’s eve, passing on this brilliant Apple ad. Enjoy!

Here’s to 2013

Google came up with a 90 second #Zeitgeist video of some of the most inspirational moments in 2013. Enjoy the break

Teachscape Learn for Online Learning

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 8.43.00 AM


What: Teachscape Learn is where we will house our professional SMART goal, but it’s also an opportunity to take advantage of some PD courses that use video from classrooms as a way to enhance learning.

Why: It’s a choose your own menu, it’s at your own pace and while we’re in the field test, it’s an opportunity that is open to us to use and rate.

Other information: 

1on the Learn homepage, (, go to Courses and Learning Resources and follow the screenshots below:







4. 5

Explore, check out the featured video or featured video course. It will all be added to your record of learning.





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Hoʻolohe See lohe, to hear, obey. Uncle Moke Kim from Molokaʻi would always tell our students to hoʻolohe with your whole body. It was his way to get the students to be cognizant of the messages coming through all their senses. He wanted them to hear the wind as their kupuna coming to give them manaʻo. Hoʻolohe is a methodology that I use – to hoʻolohe with my whole body, to see the part, the whole and the greater whole in order to try and discover the WHY? HOW COME? 

It connects with the moenahā work in that we are searching for the connection between the larger concept and the content and skills.



MEd or EdD at Hamline University


What: Online MEd program from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minneapolis. MEd


Time required: Required courses can be completed in 18 to 24 months depending on program type. Capstone completion averages 10 to 12 months.
Programs begin: September and June
Program types: This program is fully online and courses are also in a face-to-face traditional classroom setting.
Curriculum A total of 34 semester credits: 24 required credits and 10 elective credits. All MAEd students also complete a capstone.

Walden University offers Graduate Studies for Working Professionals


What: Walden University offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs online and geared for those of us that must work full time.

If you are interested in this school, check out the link. I also have a brochure and can get you in touch with a field representative.

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