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Call for Proposals: Schools of the Future 2014



What: Present at the next Schools of the Future conference. The committee is accepting both breakout session and student presentations of their learning proposals. They will accept approximately 50 entries and if your session is chosen, the lead presenter gets 50% off of their registration.

The links to the two types of proposals are found here:

Deadline for submissions is Feb. 28, 2014.


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Ua Mau Ke Ea: An Educators’ Workshop with Dr. Keanu Sai



Sponsored by Keauhou-Kahaluʻu Education Group, Kamehameha Schools

Mahalo Kaʻumi for forwarding this opportunity. If you hear about PD opportunities that may be of interest to our faculty and staff, please let Cathy know ( 

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Getting Over the “Doh” Moment

Time is ticking and this is the second Saturday I am reworking my chapter 2. I find it is harder to do my literature review chapter because it is the most academic of my chapters. I cannot really play with the aesthetic of this chapter and push the boundaries of the dissertation genre because this is not my story, not my research, not my words. What does NOT help is when I get stuck in the research black hole. I have been collecting research from year 1, but sometimes, there is just a reference in an article and I need to find the source as if THAT article will suddenly open up the floodgates and the words will all fall into place.

I spent 30 minutes finding an article that I knew my university HAD to have. After all, it was one of their professors. Simple advice was to go to Google Scholar because I was already logged in to my university system. Nope. It sent me to a site and for 25.00 I could get the pdf. No. My library site kept sending me to weird places smelling faintly of mildew and decay until I pressed HOME and saw this.

duh It says NEW Onesearch so I put my author’s name in and  like magic. DOH!

Sometimes the easy button is hiding in plain sight. Note to self: BREATHE, learn from it, move on.


Never Give Up, Never Surrender

I just sent my advisor some gobbledygook. I just could not form cohesive thoughts to finish my chapter and I ran out of steam, so I sent her what I had, which was gobbledygook. Her response was that gobbledygook is fine for now.


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How to Begin Analyzing Data

Thank you Dr. Cooper for helping me to start analyzing my data.

Call for Proposals: AMLE2014



What: Present at the Association of Middle Level Educators by writing your proposal today. Present as a team, present individually, share a process, an idea, a current thinking here

First deadline is February 3, 2014.

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My New Year’s Message to Myself

Choose a purposeful life

Course of the Month: Communicating with and Engaging Families

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 10.46.33 AM


What: The featured course in Teachscape Learn  is a short 20 minute, at your own pace course on making the home-school connection stronger. If you are working on component 4C: communicating with families, check this resource out by going to the Teachscape Learn page.

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