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Take Hawaiian Language Classes Online



E ola ka ‘ōlelo Hawaiʻi – The Hawaiian Language Shall Live!

Niuolahiki is a distance learning site sponsored by the ʻAha Punana Leo to teach Hawaiian language courses.

At $30 per chapter, it’s a great deal. There are options like one chapter at a time; bundled, 4-chapter  self-directed; or 4 facilitator-directed chapters with a set beginning and end time.

Check it out here:

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The Mo’olelo of Alana

Alana is a culture-based education professional development class that focuses on moenaha, culture-based education practices and teachers teaching teachers. This is my presentation on the creation of this program.


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Mandala Presentation

This presentation was done at the MISO 2013 conference on Maui. With the emphasis on critical thinking in Common Core, the exercise of creating a mandala helps students think metaphorically and deepens their ability to analyze. The original book that explains this process is Drawing Your Own Conclusions by Fran Claggett


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I’ve Got an App for That

Here are some resources that were given to my staff at our last tech day. It just is to show that there are different apps along the SAMR continuum to use for common classroom activities like journaling for understanding, writing, conferencing, etc.

The butterfly slide is for teachers to learn from each other about what they are using and why.


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Call for Participation: KS Edtech Conference 2014





For our April 17 K-12 Tech slam, “Digital Life,” if you are interested in presenting, please fill out a proposal form here. Submittal deadline is February 28, 2014.

If you went to a conference this year and are wanting to share something you brought back and used in your classroom, this is a safe, friendly venue to share out (part of our after conference kuleana).

Represent 🙂

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Save the Date: Kūkulu Kaiaulu Tech Conference

believeWhat: Just a reminder that if you signed up earlier (there are 16 people set to go) for this tech conference, the dates are here. If you are not sure if you are signed up to go, or you want to see if someone dropped out and there is an opening, please drop me an email:

Please notice that June 2 is the unconference, an unscripted, share and gather, informal event that is separate from the main conference. If you want to try and go to the unconference, let me know.




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Webinars in Technology

I’m sharing some of my archived technology webinars. The advantage of webinars are that they are choose your place and time caffeine shots of seminars online.

How to Make Your Students Good Digital Citizens

This session is about what students/children/technology users
should know to use technology appropriately. It covers issues
ranging from online etiquette, e-safety and issues around
bullying and how to practice good online behaviors. Digital Citizenship is more than just a teaching tool; it is a way to prepare
students/technology users for a society full of technology that
is very necessary for our modern day student. Teachers and
educators need to integrate Digital Citizenship into their
classrooms and curriculum. Come and join us for this incredible
dialogue from experts around the world.

Understanding the Learning Strategies of 21st Century Learners

Listen to this webinar on the 5 best strategies every 21st century learner needs to succeed in school and in the workplace. Why a capacity to learn is more important than knowing. Topics covered will be: • How to remove the roadblocks to learning • 3 Steps to understanding everything you read • Best Study Skills for 21st century learners • Technology strategies that enhance learning.


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