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June PD Opportunity


It’s summer, isn’t this why we got into teaching?

If you use summers to unwind AND continue learning, join your colleagues as they learn at ISTE 2014, the largest edtech conference in the world. They will be blogging until July and welcome your comments and questions.

Here’s the link. Hover over ISTE and you will find the individual pages of your colleagues. Hope you enjoy!

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As an instructional coach, I often ask questions in order to reveal the thinking of the person across from me. I’m also asking questions because I am trained to believe that we have all the answers we need within ourself and someone just needs to help us tap into that inner voice of reason and experience, creativity and decision-making. I never really know if it will work, but I’ve seen it work enough times that I almost never have to go into a “consultation” mode. When I do go into a consultation, “have you thought about trying. . .” mode, it’s more because of my own time crunch or loss of patience than it is about the ability of the person across from me. 

Listening to your own inner navigator is a different experience when there is no coach or no second player to confirm if you’re tapping into something great or you’re just hearing voices from left field. But what I’m starting to believe in this dissertation journey, which is becoming a journey towards myself is that I must have followed a long line of women who survived and thrived through difficult times because of their ability to listen. I am aware now that I have a mo’oka’i – a lineage of generations of journeys that run through my ancestral memory, and when I am asked to listen, I am not the only navigator; I am not alone.  I am the beneficiary of lines and lines of navigators who understood the power of listening to their lines and lines of navigators. All I have to do is listen. Pa’a ka waha. 


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