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Hawaiian Mana’o B-Credit Class Moves to March



Nānā i ke kumu: Look to the source

Join your colleagues as we look at some Hawaiian source materials like:

Join us as we ask questions like what can we learn from our sources about Hawaiian ways of knowing? Hawaiian ways of doing? Using these sources and more, what might teaching through a Hawaiian lens in the 21st century look like? Do indigenous perspectives and practice have a place in this contemporary educational landscape? If so, how?

The kupuna are waiting. For a full description of the agenda and due dates for the class itself, as well as a My Learning Plan cheat sheet to fill out to join the class, please go to the Kula Waena PD site linked here.

The class dates:

Monday, March 2 3-5 pm – Kickoff – face to face

Monday, March 9 3-4 pm – face to face

March 16-22 Online only

March 23 3-4 face to face

March 30-April 5 Online only

April 6-12 Online only

April 13, 3-4 face to face

April 20-26 Online only

April 27 3-5 Hoʻike

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Easy Ways to Continue Learning

Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.

–Anne Herbert

This week’s post is about being a professional learner, but it is really about learning that is easily available, free, no strings attached, no assessment necessary, and no MLP necessary. Besides the Marshall Memo which we already get in our email, have you checked out the fabulous teacher resources available to us at our Charles Reed Bishop Learning Center online site?


Teacher resources

Go to the middle school library site (you can get there from our middle school home page) and click on teacher resources. I’ve talked about ASCD professional development books before, but I just found some fabulous articles through Phi Delta Kappan, a professional journal focused on K-12 education.  Each issue also has a professional development discussion guide that can be used for your own PLC.

Phi Delta

This month’s issue is on using data to support schools What Educators Need to Know. So if you have 5 minutes or 10 seconds to download for later, take some time to do some professional reading. Will Richardson in his book 21st Century Skills, Rethinking How Students Learn says,

One thing is certain: although schools may continue to fundamentally look and act as they have for more than one hundred years, the way individuals learn has already been forever changed. Instead of learning from others who have the credentials to “teach” in this new networked world, we learn with others whom we seek (and who seek us) on our own and with whom we often share nothing more than a passion for knowing. In this global community, we are at once all teachers and learners—changing roles as required, contributing, collaborating, and maybe even working together to re-create the world, regardless of where we are at any given moment.

These learning transactions require a shifted understanding of traditional literacies and the skills they employ, as well as new literacies and practices that learning in networks and online social communities demands. For educators, acquiring these network literacies is a crucial first step in developing new pedagogies and, in turn, new classrooms and curricula that prepare students for the future.

On your way to work, ask yourself,

  • What will I learn today?
  • What will I create?
  • How will I share it?

Hope you learned something fabulous today 😉


Potluck of Stuff


This week’s PD post is on the varied offerings of PD available for you to participate in and/or lead.

  1. Happening TODAY and every Tuesday – Tuesday Tech Tidbit #TTTidbit with Ellen both online on her blog and in person! Today’s face to face is on tips for using Google Docs to organize research in Kainoa’s room from 3 – 3:25.

  2. The Hawaii Island Tech Ed Conference, which Kula Waena is running, still needs presenters! You know you guys rock!  See the link above to sign up.

  3. Nānā i Ke Kumu Hawaiian Manaʻo B credit class – we are still accepting participants for our February 2nd start, just email Cathy for the MLP sheet and syllabus.

  4. UH Hilo is starting a new MEd cohort next school year and they have changed their program a little to include blended online courses. Go to their informational meeting on January 15, 2015 at UCB 312, from 6-7 pm for more information and/or email Cathy for a brochure.


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Highbrow: Investing 5 Minutes a Day for 10 Days



What: Highbrow is a service that lets you do short PD through your email. They are better at selling themselves, so let me just share some of their mana’o.

Highbrow manifesto – let’s master new ideas, feed and spark curiosity, and expand our horizons.

Why: Today we are so ‘well-informed’ on current events, yet lack real depth and breadth of real knowledge.

TV, social media networks and feeds from friends provide mind-numbing entertainment that helps pass plenty of time, without ever really expanding our minds. We are so busy, have less time, and simply don’t find the time to do the work to truly get smarter. Information is plentiful, yet attention and real knowledge is scarce.

Investing just 5 minutes a day in focused exploration of interesting subjects can elevate the mind, broaden horizons, and build true knowledge.

Hack new knowledge via short, 10 part, knowledge building email courses that enrich life, delivered every morning.

Head to to see what they have to offer and get ready to expand your horizons. 🙂



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