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Last EdTech Conference this Year




I am taking sign ups for this year’s last edtech conference opportunity. Hana Pono is Kamehameha Schools’ Oahu edtech conference with one day of “unconference” activities followed by two full conference days at the Neil Blaisdell Center.  They have a reputation for getting top-notch keynotes (as do we).

The essentials: June 8 (unconference) – June 10, 2015, Honolulu. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. Registration is free for KS employees.

The action steps: If you are interested in going, please email me ASAP and let me know if you are interested in the unconference.

I will confirm your email and send the next steps.

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Nānā i Ke Kumu

no na mamo

What did our kūpuna value as educators? What did teaching look like? What was the manaʻo behind their methods? How does that translate into our contemporary educational setting? What does it mean for us to be Hawaiian educators? These are just some of the things that we are grappling with in our Hawaiian Manaʻo course, but here is a little snippet for you to ponder from the Aʻo: educational traditions chapter found in the above book (No Nā Mamo: Traditional and Contemporary Hawaiian Beliefs and Practices)

If you go to the Kula Waena PD site, I have attached the whole of this chapter as well as the journal article on 10 culturally congruent teaching strategies from Hulili.

5. Questioning, or “nīnau,” encouraged from the start in many cultures, is thought of as something a person would consider almost as the last expression of learning. Having experienced seeing, listening, reflecting, and doing, a student may have answered many of the trivial questions, leaving only the most important to be asked of one’s teacher or mentor.

These are in a deliberate order and form an approach that is different from the methods of inquiry we find in education today (Chun, p.87).


A Little Rhymespiration

I really did go and sit through Dr. Puentedura’s ISTE presentation on SAMR but he was speaking in a different dimension and I still have to think not about what SAMR is (substitution, augmentation, modification, redefinition) but what that really means. I cannot be the only who thinks of augmentation in a plastic surgery sense, no?

Amy Burvall wrote a post called “A Fine Time for Rhyme” and her rhyming remix on what SAMR really means is below. Rhymespired!


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