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What the Work Looks Like Now

There is a new campaign out of the University of Hawaii system but I realize, that this is my work now  – teacher preparation. I am no longer coaching or evaluating teachers, or even teaching English, but I am. Just a little differently. It was nice to see some colleagues, mana wahine, as well as a student I had in 8th grade.

This is what the work looks like now. I know it’s important for the lāhui when Hawaiians get their doctorate, but really, this doctorate was my way to create an opportunity to move to this new work. I could not have done this work without the “pepa.” Part of doing moʻo worthy work is to do the work. I am feeling blessed that this is the moʻokūahuau and the moʻolelo worthy of my moʻopuna. E ola.


Reading Goals

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In my reading and writing across content (it really should be literacy across content but I did not name it), I need to make my reading goals clear. This is the one academic year where I offer this course every semester so I have a chance to test out, tweak, revise.

Here are my reading goals that I am trying out:

Students will be immersed in reading experiences where they have to

  • visualize ideas and situations in text (doodle notes)
  • make connections (bulletin board discussions, post it connections, yarn bridges)
  • ask questions (questions as feedback, positive presuppositions, question as paraphrase)
  • draw inferences
  • evaluate and determine what’s important (creating mini lessons to teach each other)
  • notice and analyze the author’s craft (reading circle, writing circle, model texts)
  • recall ideas (discussion, doodle notes, alaka’i)
  • self-monitor while reading (brain map)

I need more ideas on drawing inferences but it may not be a stand alone. More like a simile is a type of metaphor is a type of figurative language strategy but not necessarily true that a metaphor is a simile. Not sure if that makes sense but is is just on the edge of cognition and clarity.

Teach for Aloha: a (k)new framework for change

pcc17This is not a new idea. This is just being formed by my three years at UHWO and some other presentations. I connected this to the long term planning goals  of UHWO, it is attached to the many years of CBE research and it is tied to what I am trying to teach and how I learn from my students. I have had some of them for three years now, so it is really about the story of their journey and my experimentation based on gut instinct and 23 years in the classroom.

The PDF is herePCC 2017PCC Notes