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Sustainability w/Manu

Manu Aluli Meyer continues to be my mentor and guide so the fact that she continues to put herself out there, continues to work on new projects is inspiration to me. She just filmed this video podcast and so I am sharing it here. I hope to continue to work on this ‘ike, hōʻike, [k}new knowledge which is old knowledge and logical knowledge.

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Taking Advantage of FREE

ao makua

Manuwahi (free of charge) is always a welcome perk and I always feel like knowledge freely given is even more precious and must be passed on.

From now until December 15, the Kamehameha Schools Distance Learning program is offering two free online courses for adults. Register here to sign up for one or both of these courses by setting up your account and adding the courses to your cart.

First, set sail with us in Nā ‘Imi Loa: The Explorers and trace the history and craft of Hawaiian ocean voyaging, from its origins and earliest traditions, to the contemporary, worldwide voyage of Hōkūle‘a and Hikianalia through interactive tutorials, documentaries and activities designed for the whole family!

Course runs January 11 – 29.
Watch the video » | Register by December 15 »

Then, plant your feet firmly on land with Mālama ʻĀina and discover traditional ways Hawaiians lived to allow for preservation and sustainability. Learn why Hawaiians revere the ʻāina and be inspired to apply the knowledge and concepts from the course to your own everyday life just in time for Earth Day!

Course runs April 11 – 29.
Watch the video » | Register by March 15 »


PD Opportunity: Hawaii Conservation Conference

The 23rd annual Hawaii Conservation Conference takes place at UH Hilo from Monday, August 3 – Thursday, August 6. If you are not working and you are around for the whole thing, they have a pretty interesting line up, including huaka’i sessions on the 4th. However, if you are at work, you can still take advantage of the FREE and open to the public sessions on Wednesday, August 5 from 3:30  8 pm. Check the schedule on the link above. There will be food provided by @musubman of Honolulu and music by Paula Fuga and Hilo’s own Kainani Kahaunaele.

You just never know what you can learn if you don’t go. Remember, you get what you’re supposed to get.

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AMLE 2015 – O – HI – O!

amle 2015


The Association of Middle Level Educators conference will be in Columbus Ohio on October 15 – 17, 2015. Ask any of the past participants on staff and they will gladly share the cool things they got from their AMLE and how they are already implementing it in their classroom and their teams.

We are collecting names of interested faculty and staff who would like to go to AMLE (and/or this summer’s Native Hawaiian Education Summit) If you are interested, please fill out the Google form linked below no later than Tuesday, May 26. This does not guarantee your participation, but it helps in the planning.

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Native Hawaiian Education Summit 2015

NHE Summit


I said I was done, but this just came out so one more for the road. The 2014 Native Hawaiian Education Summit in October was an invitation only affair where no one could see who was invited and we could not forward our email invites to anyone else. The result of that work was the vision statement and actionable goals (if you want to see that, let me know).

This 2015 summit will take some of those actionable goals, bring people together to talk about progress and create partnerships and conversation about continuing to move forward together.

If you are interested in this kind of work, if you believe that educational advocacy is your kuleana, please go to Keaomalamalama and fill in the information blocks so you can be on the mailing list,  or fill out the survey monkey to register.

Want to get funded to go? Please fill out the Google form here ASAP. We have 4 slots available for funding.

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The Survey Results


A few weeks ago I asked all faculty and staff to answer the following questions:

What would you like to learn about?

What are you willing to teach others about?

How can we best sustain professional development in the coming years?

Please click the link to see the graphs and the raw data of  mana’o shared by your colleagues:

What you want to learn about: The data showed that 38% of you are still interested in learning more tech followed by culture-based education integration and content-specific professional development (20%).

What you are willing to share with your colleagues: Technology ranks up there at 30% with 23% willing to provide content-specific professional development and 19% willing to show how they integrate culture-based education practices in their own classrooms.

How can we be innovative in providing PD: 55% of  you put teachers teaching teachers as the top innovation strategy followed by creating partnerships in our community as well as within the KS system to take advantage of the sources of PD that are close at hand.

E ola koa.

Photo credit: Kerry Kamisato


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Exit Pass


The first PD Tuesday blog was published on August 8, 2012 and each Tuesday during the school year, another blog post on PD has been here. 118 posts later, I wanted to take the time to say thank you for reading when you could, signing up when you wanted to and adding value to this work that sometimes feels like I am talking to myself.

This is the last post for this school year, so if  you have a little time, please add your manaʻo about Sustaining Professional Development to the Google form linked below.

Mahalo a nui loa,


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PD Opportunity: Power Pose Your Way to Success

In a study by professor Amy Cuddy, she took two groups and had them either strike a high power pose (Wonder Woman or Superman pose – chest out, hands on hips, legs apart) – or a low power pose (standing closed, legs crossed, arms wrapping your body) for 2 minutes.

The result was that for those in a high power pose, they increased their confidence-inducing testosterone levels  by 20% and decreased their stress hormone cortisol by 25%.

The low power pose participants saw an opposite effect. They  had a 10% decrease in testosterone and a 15% increase in cortisol.

Having a stressful day? Take 2 minutes to power pose and deep breathe.

Summer Session at UHH and CCECS

SUMMER is coming. . .

UH Hilo is now taking registration for its array of summer courses. Get a full catalog here or check them out on their website:


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Free YA Audiobooks All Summer


I know it’s almost summer when Audio Books sends me their Sync information. This is a summer “reading” program that provides TWO free audiobooks each week from May 7 – August 14. The audiobooks are paired – one classic with one contemporary YA novel. The first one is Beautiful Creatures  with the classic Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier. The download is free for the one week, but the audiobooks are yours to keep forever.

For more information on:

The audiobooks this summer: Sync books poster

Hear excerpts of this year’s books here: Soundcloud

For more information on the program, how to promote it to your own students, get the weekly posters to blast out, and/or how to download the Overdrive app, start here.


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