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Action plan – 2 weeks at a time


Action item follow ups: 

  • check with Gay on any changes she would like to see with chapter one
  • make the changes that Rod wants
  • make a decision on the point of view (check with Gay and try to give her some insights on what Rod wants) 
  • be able to justify to Rod if Gay and I disagree with his suggestion
  • work on chapter two by putting in the time daily – one journal, one part of my chapter two
  • start interviewing, decide on how I am interviewing, 
  • work on the feedback on a timely basis, within 48 hours
  • verbal plus written, out of scope of program, part of program, but not part of answering the dissertation question – do I have to finish the coaching as part of the “program” in order to then conduct the interviews? I want them to have the observation opportunity. but what if I can’t get to everyone before my time is up
  • get a more final date on when the paper needs to be finalized and turned in so that I can be a part of the dissertation conference
  • get ready for MISO now that I know that it is one hour.
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