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Keiki are ʻOno


Relationship building with students is a huge “this we believe” in middle school philosophy, but what we are saying is that Hawaiian ways of creating relationships is different in that it privileges Hawaiian thinking and aligns with Na Hopena Aʻo

What makes these activities more focused on the outcomes of a strengthened sense of belonging, responsibility, excellence, aloha, total well being and Hawaiʻi is that we focus on strengths-based – especially the strengths they bring from home and share with us. We also choose activities that see ʻāina (land and sea) as community, as identity, as sense of belonging, as kuleana, and as part of our well-being for living in Hawaiʻi. Finally, we see ʻohana (in the large definition) as part of students’ superpowers and their sense of hā. Attaching our slides and the directions for the activities we did with participants. The Na Hopena Aʻo link above holds the video that is on the slides.

Keiki are ʻOno H2

Keiki are Ono

Update: the thing with using student teachers is that some veteran teachers, even our own mentors, feel like these are just students, and therefore, what do they have to offer? But I have larger plans for these student teachers and I loop up with them to set these plans in motion. My intention is to create new teachers that are already on their way to being teacher leaders, so the more I can push them forward (see my blog post on throwing the babies out), the stronger our teacher work force will be. They hold mana, just that not everyone recognizes it. Not a problem. But don’t act shocked when they are ready to take over your department.

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Call for Proposals: AMLE 2015


Ready to go to AMLE 2015 in Columbus, OH, home of the Buckeyes? Be on the top of the priority list by submitting a proposal to present at the national middle level education conference. Join teachers and consultants from around the nation who understand and love the same goofy, hormonal, rambunctions middle schoolers that you interact with every day.

Here’s what you need:

Instructions and grading information :


Portal for submissions:


Deadline: February 9, 2015


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Call for Proposals: AMLE2014



What: Present at the Association of Middle Level Educators by writing your proposal today. Present as a team, present individually, share a process, an idea, a current thinking here

First deadline is February 3, 2014.

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Hawaii Association of Middle Schools Conference – October 19


What: The Hawaii Association of Middle Schools is having their conference on October 19, 2013 in Honolulu. HAMS is the local affiliate of NMLE (national middle level educators).

If you would like more information and if you will already be on Oahu that weekend, let Cathy know.

I am including their latest newsletter that has information on the conference as well as articles on classroom management and preparing for a substitute tips.

HAMS-09.2013 Newsletter


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