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alcove aura

We have gathered

with manacled hands;

we have gathered

with shackled feet;

we have gathered

in the dust of forget

seeking the vein

which will not collapse.

We have bolted

the gunner’s fence,

given sacrament

on blood-stained walls.

We have linked souls

end to end

against the razor’s slice.

We have kissed brothers

in frigid cells,

pressing our mouths

against their ice-hard pain.

We have feasted well

on the stones of the land**

we have gathered

in dark places

and put down roots.

We have covered the Earth,

bold flowers for her crown.

We have climbed

the high wire of treason–

we will not fall.

–Mahealani Perez-Wendt

Ho’okupu: An Offering of Literature by Native Hawaiian Women

* Uluhaimalama: The name of Queen Lili’uokalani’s garden. The kaona of that word is that as plants grow up out of the dark into the light, so shall light come to the Hawaiian nation.

** Feasting on stones is a reference to Kaulana Nā Pua, the song of protest written after the overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation. In it, the songwriter says that Hawaiians would rather eat stones than accept any annexationist proffer.

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