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Teach for Aloha: a (k)new framework for change

pcc17This is not a new idea. This is just being formed by my three years at UHWO and some other presentations. I connected this to the long term planning goals  of UHWO, it is attached to the many years of CBE research and it is tied to what I am trying to teach and how I learn from my students. I have had some of them for three years now, so it is really about the story of their journey and my experimentation based on gut instinct and 23 years in the classroom.

The PDF is herePCC 2017PCC Notes


WiPCE 2017


I am headed to the World Indigenous People’s Conference on Education 2017 in Toronto at the end of this month to talk about nurturing cultural humility in our pre-service teachers. It is a combination of creating a third space within my classroom, using cultural humility and culturally responsive practices to model what I want my students to do in their own placements in the school. Finally, use deep reflection and ancestral knowledge as a way to tap into the kinds of lifelong reflection on practice necessary to nurture cultural humility in these young teachers. I am still working on those questions that will bring about the kinds of reflection that I want, but the semester is coming up in August so I will be able to continue to research. In the meantime, I am sharing my slides here.

WiPCE 2017 presentation.pptx

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The Mo’olelo of Alana

Alana is a culture-based education professional development class that focuses on moenaha, culture-based education practices and teachers teaching teachers. This is my presentation on the creation of this program.


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Mandala Presentation

This presentation was done at the MISO 2013 conference on Maui. With the emphasis on critical thinking in Common Core, the exercise of creating a mandala helps students think metaphorically and deepens their ability to analyze. The original book that explains this process is Drawing Your Own Conclusions by Fran Claggett


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I’ve Got an App for That

Here are some resources that were given to my staff at our last tech day. It just is to show that there are different apps along the SAMR continuum to use for common classroom activities like journaling for understanding, writing, conferencing, etc.

The butterfly slide is for teachers to learn from each other about what they are using and why.


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